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Welcome to Patrick Foose's Buster Keaton page prepared
as the CIS 136 final. The exercises are to demonstrate an
understanding of how to prepare Web pages using only XHTML

Buster's marriages

This image with first wife Natalie Talmadge
proved prophetic. While he was an awful
husband, difficulties with Natalie would
be the beginning of his fall from the
pinnacle of early Hollywood. The three
years with second wife Mae Scriven were
alcohol-clouded. His third wife Eleanor
Norris was the right combination of mother,
babysitter, and ultimately, the spark that would
restore worldwide appreciation for his role as
a film pioneer.

Click on a picture for more information about each of the three Mrs. Buster Keatons.

Image of Natalie Talmadge Natalie Talmadge Mae Scriven Eleanor Norris

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