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Photo of Eleanor Norris Keaton in the 1940s.

Eleanor Norris

In 1940 he married his third wife, Eleanor Norris. She was 21, and he was 45. All their friends advised them against it, but it proved to be the turning point and a marriage that would last. Between 1947 and 1954, Buster and Eleanor appeared regularly in the Cirque Medrano in Paris, where they were highly regarded as a double act. They remained married until his death in 1966. Eleanor Keaton died in 1998, after a long battle with cancer. During her life, she gave generously of her time in support of her husband's memory and films. She traveled the world to film festivals representing Buster, sharing her insights on his work without hesitation with biographers, reporters, film historians, and fans. She encouraged Keaton to participate in the rescue and showings of his early silents to the public again in the 1950s, and thereby helped to keep his amazing comedy legacy from being lost forever.

Photo of Eleanor Norris Keaton and Buster Keaton in the 1960s.

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