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Welcome to Patrick Foose's Buster Keaton page prepared
as the CIS 136 final. The exercises are to demonstrate an
understanding of how to prepare Web pages using only XHTML

Books about Buster Keaton READ: "Keaton" by Rudi Blesh. Macmillan Co. 1966 (great book with actual Keaton interviews) "Keaton - The Man Who Wouldn't Lie Down" by Tom Dardis.Limelight Editions 1979 "Buster Keaton - Cut to the Chase" by Marion Meade.'Harper Collins 1995 "Buster - A Legend in Laughter" by Larry Edwards. McGuinn and McGuire 1995 "Silent Echoes" by John Bergston. Santa Monica Press 2000 (track down the actual locations used by Keaton to film his movies!) "Complete Films of Buster Keaton" by Jim Kline. Citadel 1993 (film by film, plot by plot, with nice photos) "Buster Keaton Remembered" by Eleanor Keaton/Jeffrey Vance.Harry N Abrams Inc 2001

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